Timber moves, especially across the grain (over the width of the boards), due to variations in temperature and moisture. The 3-piece Bee Box Floor is designed with shiplap joints to allow for this movement and we recommend assembling the floors as follows:

As per the diagram below line up the first board with the end of the bearers making sure the bearers are at right angles to the board.

Position the next two boards and allow for a 2mm gap in the shiplap joints. The overall width of Tunnicliffe’s bee boxes is 409mm and you should end up at this width.

We recommend nailing or screwing the boards in the positions shown in the diagram below to avoid splitting of floor boards when they move.

The 75 or 100 x 50mm H4 bearers are 405mm long, shorter than the box is wide to avoid the floors from hooking up with neighbouring hives when stacking them close for transport. The board will therefore overhang on one side by approx. 4mm which is normal. Alternatively, you can start with a 2mm overhang of the first board to locate the bearer evenly under the floorboards.

The ‘back’ riser is cut short to also allow for movement and should have a 2mm gap either side from the side risers.

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