At Honeycliffes, we have a long and proud history of delivering premium bee woodware. From humble beginnings as a family-owned business, we’re now a leading timber manufacturer that’s grown with our customers. With three different grades of timber and various treatment options, we’re committed to providing you with the right tools. 

But what separates our timber from the rest is our Thermally Modified Timber (TMT). By being more durable, lighter, and chemical free, it’s technologically superior. Also, it’s better for the bees, the environment, and us. And since it’s ready to use, no further drying or dripping is required. If you’re after the best, then we’ve got it.

When you do business with us, you’ll get a friendly service that’s flexible and prompt. Whatever the size of your operation, our flexibility will ensure that your goals are met. Our unique service allows us to sell to both end users and resellers. And, by keeping our relationships as practical as possible, you’ll get the right balance in price and quality.

So, whether you’re a commercial beekeeper or a hobbyist, we’ve got innovative solutions for all backgrounds. Come talk to us today and take your beekeeping to the next level.