Not long ago here at Honeycliffes we were working away at our boring work desks or tailing out the back of machines with old worn out-feed tables. 
They were flimsy, ugly, uninspiring MDF behemoths, and we wanted something to change as nothing is worse than an uninspiring work space.
As luck would have it we are a timber re-manufacturing plant, so what better place to be when you want a better bench!

Our boffins racked their brains to work out what we could do to make the greatest work bench possible. Browsing rows and rows of timber gave us an idea. Nothing can top a solid, multipurpose work bench. Perfect for any type of use, and won’t leave you feeling ripped off about your choice of work space.

So we set to work creating a better bench. Made of solid finger-jointed lengths of H3.2 Treated Pine with just as solid construction, we have taken cuts of wood with character that will make these benches a hearty work space but also a unique one. Expertly manufactured, glued and laminated into the ideal product, this bench goes perfect in any space you can think of. The “Better Bench” can be used as a workshop assembly bench, sturdy garage storage, stylish office desk, sleek study space for kids, even a coffee table!

We are excited to be able to provide the best “Better Bench” ever right here on our website, available in multiple sizes and even able to be custom made to your specifications up to 6300mm x 1000mm. Head on over to or email us at to custom order.

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