One year ago on August 1st 2018 Mark and Scott officially took over Tunnicliffes. Since then they have been busy putting into action their plan for the company.

To celebrate the leaps and bounds made over the last year everyone decided to pool together for a pizza, KFC, and hot chips lunch, as well as a couple of beers. Kind words were exchanged about the overall quality of life and the drastic changes made within the work place. Heartfelt thanks were given from worker to boss and boss to worker, and then everyone sat to enjoy their meal together, away from the noise and busyness of the factory.

Over the past year Scott and Mark have worked hard to come up with multiple workplace changes, including the streamlining of timber processing and adding an incentive for a productive and well done work week. Mark and Scott have been hard at work, losing many a nights sleep to ensure that their company does as well as possible.

Among other changes the pair have brought to the workplace, there have been some product roll outs, and good ones too. With the “Better Workbench” and the introduction of new products including Transoms and Beads for the Joinery side of the company, they have expanded the horizons and capabilities of the company, as well as adding high demand items made with quality and care.

Both Mark and Scott were asked; “What out of all the changes made over the past year they are most proud of?” they came back with some great replies.

Scott is most proud of the change to the working week, where if work is completed across the factory, workers are gifted with their Friday off. This gives incentive to workers to be productive and smart with their work throughout their days. After in-depth research on the concept of a gifted day and some trial and error they have been able to successfully implement the system across various parts of the company. This has been done by creating clear measures and reporting systems to provide the team with the tools needed to consistently hit targets and go above and beyond each week.

The change Mark says he is most proud of is the increased focus on customer service and satisfaction. The company has made great changes regarding customer retention and care and takes all feedback incredibly seriously. After clearly separating the Bee and Joinery customers there is much more room to place individual attention on the needs of each group, as both are vastly different. Because of the increased attentiveness to customer needs there has been a definitive change in efficiency and transparency, as well as flexibility.

Among other changes within the previous year, social media has become a focal point, as with the creation of the Honeycliffes site and blog, to allow easier lines of communication to our customers as well as keeping everyone updated on what the company is doing. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media as well as this blog to keep up to date with all the changes over the coming year. There are always new things in the works that Mark and Scott are popping out, and no doubt they’ll be good.

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