In 1929, Tunnicliffes was founded by the Tunnicliffe family as a native sawmilling business. Since then, our company has built a history of innovation and has established itself as a flexible business in the timber market. This has been achieved by reacting to what the market wants and modifying our goods accordingly. Rather than reinventing the wheel completely, we kept making little amendments to our timber products.

As we continued to grow from our humble beginnings, there became two clear sides to the business. Timber manufacturing and bee woodware. When Mark and Scott bought the business back in late 2018, they became immediately aware that the two sides had diverse customer bases that were distinct from each other. Since they both needed specialist attention, Honeycliffes was born to specially cater for the bee woodware side.

After establishing our name in the bee woodware industry, we also identified a gap in the market for hobbyist beekeepers.  Hobbyist beekeeping is gaining traction in New Zealand, and we found that many small beekeepers are faced with various challenges. This is because the industry has a heavy commercial focus in the products and services offered.   

By being flexible and practical in our relationships, Honeycliffes have a wide array of products and services for both hobbyists and commercial operators. Come talk to us today!

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